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LIF - the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden

Läkemedelsindustriföreningen is the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden with about 80 members and associate companies who represent approximately 80 percent of the total sales of pharmaceuticals in Sweden.

LIF Service AB (LIF) represents its members in issues of common concern, assisting and informing them on questions vital to the industry.

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Facts and figures

Facts and figures regarding the Swedish pharmaceutical market and the healthcare sector in Sweden.


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Ethical rules

LIF's members have adopted ethical rules and a self-regulation system concerning  the pharmaceutical sector.  There are also agreements concerning information and clinical trials.

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The Swedish Medicines Information portal on the Internet.  On you can find e.g. product information approved by the authorities, packages and prices.

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The Swedish Drug Insurance Scheme

LFF Service AB is, on behalf of the industry, the administrator of the pharmaceutical insurance. The insurance covers prescribed pharmaceutical products or pharmaceuticals purchased at an Apotek, (Pharmacy) in Sweden.

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